Every travel is a colourful adventure. Through Kai's eyes.

Visual Identity, Illustrations, Graphic design
Date: December 2022

Travel is next to an essential for many Nigerians...and to explore the world, information is key. Kaijego makes it easy for people with ‘weak’ passports to access accurate, all-in-one travel information; and guides people through their travel. They provide a colourful way to travel and experience other cultures.

The Kaijego team developed a strategy that identifies the brand as a vibrant, exciting & a colourful travel buddy that guides you through every step of your travel journey. They had the exciting idea of introducing Kai, a parrot, as the brand’s mascot. Kai is a is a world citizen who speaks more than one language, has visited every country in the world and loves to go on spontaneous colourful adventures.

The identity is centered around the idea of the mascot, a parrot. The logo combines the limbs of the ‘k’ and the letter ‘a’ to mirror the side view of a parrot’s head; and can be used as a wordmark or a stand alone icon. The vibrant colour palette is inspired by the colour of different parrots all over the world.

The complete the identity, we introduced an illustration style inspired by travel stamps and masked images in the shape of an airplane window. The patterns are reminiscent of old Nigerian postage stamps.

Working in close collaboration with the Kaijego team, I helped create a vibrant, playful and semi-formal identity, letting Africans understand the travel should be a colourful adventure.
Kaijego simply means Let’s go. Kai is always on the move. For this reason, the wordmark is slanted—illustrating that Kaijego is always helping Africans travel to their next desired destination.


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